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About me and my services

My name is Ivan Zečević. I am a licensed psychologist and cognitive-behavioral therapist from Croatia. I specialize in psychotherapy, psychological and cognitive-behavioral treatment of adult and pediatric insomnia and narcolepsy, night fears, nightmare disorder, dementia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other physical, neurological, and psychiatric conditions. 

Since I have advanced knowledge of the English language I can offer some of my services to people from other English-speaking countries or to people who have an understanding of it at least at level B2.

My services include:

1. Psychological counseling

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

3. Treatments of sleep disorders in children

4. Treatment of sleep disorders in adults

5. Treatment of chronic pain

6. Consultations about dementia

7. Consultation about brain damage and behavior

6. Other services - contact me for more information

Contact me

You can make an appointment, reservation or receive additional information at:

I offer online treatments for people outside of Croatia. 

Price for one treatment is 65 euros. 

Kontaktirajte me

Ivan Zečević, mag.psych.

Privatna psihološka praksa „KBT opcija“
Novakova 10, 10000 Zagreb
tel: 01/4818-745
mob: 099 677-7383 ili 099 3095-112

Za sva pitanja i naručivanje možete me kontaktirati ovdje:

Moje usluge možete naručiti online ili u privatnoj psihološkoj praksi "KBT opcija".

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